Lose Fat Build Muscle Fast
 Burn Fat Build Muscles Fast 
Lose Fat Build Muscle Fast
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lose weight fast_build muscles fast

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Lose fat build muscles fast.
Singapore personal trainers.

"I lost 20kg in 8 weeks and cut away all my extra body fat with Sg fitness training and workout program! Although such quick and drastic weight loss will result in losing muscle mass, Singapore personal trainers system very quickly packed on slabs of lean muscles on me.

Although results may vary from person to person for various reasons, I have no doubt Singapore personal trainers can produce dramatic results for your weight loss or muscle gain goals! I too have become a certified Singapore personal trainer".

- Bryan Lim

Dear Fitness Enthusiasts,

Do you want to build and own a sexy well toned muscular body fast? Get a beach body that you are proud to parade topless at the swimming pool or by the beach? Have you ever wondered how to get rid and lose ugly body fat forever, build big muscles or simply glamorously tone your body? What about going through your IPPT with a breeze and win SAF awards? Weight loss program

Let internationally certified Singapore Fitness Personal Trainers sculpt your body through our "Lose Fats and Build Muscles Fast" proven training system. There are training packages tailored for various age groups and for males or females.

Many of our clients are ordinary folks like you and many more are from the fashion and glamour industries like fashion models, actors, TV personalities, international pageant contestants etc. You will see what these celebrities have to say about our training program later on this page.

Singapore Fitness Personal Trainers can assess your body type and tailor a program for you to achieve your ideal body shape fast!


How to lose unwanted body fat and extra weight forever?

Are you fed up with fad diets and expensive slimming salon treatments that don't work or work only temporarily? Or are frustrated with weight loss pills and slimming pills which you have bought and then you discovered that once you are off these programs, your fats start coming back?

Build big muscles workout Well, fret no more with yo yo weight lost effect. Sgfitness personal trainers will teach you how to lose weight permanently. Yes, that means you will learn how to lose and maintain your ideal weight forever and get a beautiful well toned muscular body.

Why choose Singapore Fitness Personal Trainers from Sgfitness?

Many celebrities and ordinary folks just like you choose Singapore fitness personal trainers because our proven track records and credentials.

Singapore Personal Trainers has produced national and international male pageant winners and titleholders.

  • Sgfitness is the official fitness consultant of Mister Singapore Organisation, the international director of male pageants Mister Singapore and Mister International.

  • Almost a decade of proven track record of helping Singaporeans and international visitors to achieve their desired body weight, attractive body shape, health and fitness.

  • All fitness trainers are certified.

  • Get great results and yet affordable.

  • We have instructors all over Singapore so that you can workout and train in a nearby gym or park.

You do want credible personal trainers with proven track records to get you a great body shape in the shortest time don’t you?

No matter what your body shape is, what physical fitness level you are in, whether you are skinny or fat, our internationally certified fitness personal trainers will sculpt your body to your satisfaction. An attractive and desirable body can be yours now! Never let your body shape be the butt of jokes ever again! Lose weight fast, build muscles quickly and transform your body now.

All you need to do is to leave your name, contact number and location and an instructor near you will call and arrange for a free consultation where you can have your fitness level assessed and to have your questions answered. Click this link to contact us now Singapore Personal Trainers.


Singapore fitness personal trainer-Chris
Featured in Sunday Times
Hotbod at age of 44.
Health and fitness has no
age limitation
This is what you can achieve with Singapore Fitness Personal Instructors
  • Lose weight and get rid of extra body fat fast – Get a great body shape that is well toned, defined and elegant. You want that trim 6 pack abdominal muscles? Singapore Personal Trainers will get that much adored 6 pack abs. Your handsome well toned beach body will never be the butt of jokes ever again.

  • Gain muscle weight – Excellent program for those who wants to build muscles. Even skinny and thin people can gain muscle weight. Get that massive chest (Pectorals), V shaped wide back muscles (Lats) and hunky biceps that are adored and respected.

  • Slim and slender waistline – Get rid of your bulging beer belly and awful love handles once and for all. Trim away belly fat to get a beautiful slim and slender waistline. Only problem is that you may need to change your wardrobe cater to your new sexy slender waist.

  • Firm your muscles – Build well toned arms, legs, thighs and get a firm sexy perky butt. Your days of having a flabby tummy and flabby body will be over soon.

  • Grow, tone and define your muscles - Get your six pack abdominal muscles ripped and sinewy. Overall muscle growth for a massive chest and back. Get peaked biceps, well rounded triceps and shoulders plus big tapered abs for that coveted V shaped body. No more chicken legs as you will build strong and powerful legs for that glorious X shaped body.

    Yes, even skinny and thin people can gain muscle weight. You don’t have to be thin and skinny forever. Sg  fitness personal trainer can guide you to pack on slabs of lean muscle mass and make a hunk out of you.

  • Prepare you for SAF/ IPPT – The days of being a bungling laughing stock in the army will be over.  It won’t take long for you to win SAF IPPT awards.

6 pack abs muscles "I trained with Sgfitness in the run up to Mr Singapore 2006. I am glad I did because the workouts really packed on hard defined muscles on me and made my six pack abs much more toned and prominent. Sgfitness also cut away all my extra body fat to bring out toned muscular definitions of which I never knew I had."
- Dennis Lau, Mr Singapore 2006, National Male Pageant


How long does it take for me to lose weight or to gain muscle mass?

All you need to do is to leave your number with us and the location convenient for you to train in and one of our Singapore personal trainers will call you for a free fitness consultation and free health assessment to work out a diet and exercise plan together with you. With the plan, you will have an indication how long does it take to see effective results in your weight loss or build muscles program.

Contact Singapore Personal Trainers now for your free health and fitness consultation. 


free training Free Consultation

Except for my personal service, Singapore Personal Trainers can conduct workout trainings at the location and gym of your choice provided the gyms allow non in house trainers such as Singapore Sports Council gyms, community club gyms and condo gyms.

All you have to do is to contact us with your number and location convenient to you and one of Singapore’s fitness personal trainers will call you and set up a date for your free consultation.


Guaranteed results

Results Guaranteed!
Contact Singapore Fitness Personal Trainers now.

Get awesomely fit, own sexy bikini body or be a natural hunk with Singapore fitness personal trainers. So many winners can't be wrong!

Yours Sincerely,

Master Trainer

Here are what some champions said about  Singapore Personal Trainers workout programs:-

lean well toned model img

Thank you Chris Chew of www.sgfitnessonline.com for showing me your Burn Fat Build Muscles Fast System when I was in Singapore. I have used your system to work towards the Mr International 2008 contest which I was subsequently throned. I will be looking forward to meeting you again during my international modeling assignments. You are indeed the best personal trainer I have ever worked with.
- Ngo Tien Doan,
Mr Vietnam 2006,
Manhunt International 2007, Mr International 2008


lose weight fast_build muscles fast

I used to have a thin body frame and was petrified about the swim-wear section where I have to compete with muscular hunks. I then consulted Chris Chew and used his training system to pack on slabs of muscles in time for the Mr Singapore pageant and the rest is history.
- Gabriel Goh,
Mister Singapore 2007

lose weight fast_build muscles fast

Sgfitness and I exchanged many ideas on the science of building a beautiful body when their master trainer Chris Chew visited my gym in Beijing and I found their training methodology very relevant and have since adopted some of his techniques to train my own clients.
- Bao Pu Cheng
Former Mr.Beijing


lose weight fast_build muscles fast

I was recommended to train with Sgfitness when I first joined Mr Singapore Pageant. I am sure glad I took up the recommendation. Sgfitness not only cut away my fats, my muscle mass increased tremendously in the few short weeks leading to the contest. My confidence level also soared in the swimwear section.
- Raphael Yang Mr Singapore 2005

lose weight fast_build muscles fast

Three months ago, when my martial arts teacher determined that I would test for black belt degrees in both aikido and laido this May, I decided to prove not only to myself but my fellow aikidoka that one can be physically strong through weight training and not have it adversely effect my aikido training. Now, less than a month from testing, I have added another 10 pounds of muscle lean mass and I am the most muscular I have ever been in my life. And all this are through only online training by Sgfitness. I wonder what would happened if Sgfitness could train me personally. It's magical!
- Evan Hughes,
Los Angeles, USA


building muscle Singapore img

Thank you Sgfitness for being the Official Fitness Consultant for Mister International 2010. It is indeed a great honour to be crowned Mister International 2010 and winning the Best Body Award out of 40 contestants from around the world. Your training system is incredible!
- Ryan Terry (Great Britain)
Mister International 2010

lose weight fast_build muscles fast

Sgfitness is my fitness consultant to help me keep fit and looking good for my demanding profession as an actor and show host. If you concerned about looking and feeling gorgeous, then Sgfitness is an excellent choice for you.
- Danny Yeo Celebrity Show Host and Actor



Never let your body shape to be the butt of jokes ever again!

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All Personal Trainers are certified by American Muscle And Fitness Institute

Personal Trainer
Chris Chew
Master Trainer

(Due to overwhelming demand, Chris can only train clients at his private gym in Hougang. There is a waiting list for his services.)

Personal Trainer
Louisa Koh
Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer
Phillip Phoon
(Mr Toa Payoh
Master Trainer
Sunday Times Hotbod
Personal Trainer
Bryan Lim
(Mr Marine Parade
Personal Trainer
Singapore Personal Trainer
Jovin Koh
Fitness Trainer
Sports Dip
Personal Trainer
Eugene Chan
National Male Pageant
Mr. Singapore 2006
3rd runner up
Personal Trainer
Lose weight build muscles trainer
Gordon Tan
National Male Pageant
Mr. Singapore 2006
1st runner up
Personal Trainer

Singapore Gym Instructor
Vincent Ho
Dragon Boater
Personal Trainer
Singapore body builder
Chris Lau
National Bodybuilding runner-up 2007
Personal Trainer
Fitness Instructor
Mohd Ridzal
Fitness Instructor
National Rugby Team
Fitness Instructor Image
Royce Ng
National Male Pageant
Mr. Singapore 2002
1st runner up
Fitness Instructor
Fitness Instructor
Lionel Lim
Singapore Fitness Personal Trainer
Fitness Personal Trainer
Ricky Wong
Bodybuilding Coach
Under 85kg silver medalist
47th Singapore National
Bodybuilding Championship
Fitness Personal Trainer
Jason Lim

AMFPT Personal Trainer
female singapore personal trainer img
Eunice Ong
Personal Trainer
Sports Science Degree
Muay Thai kickboxing instructor imgSean Lee
Sports Science Degree
Muay Thai boxing coach

Female personal trainer in Singapore img
Angelina Tan
Sports Science Degree
Female Personal Trainer

Female gym instructor img Limaran Augustina
Female Fitness Instructor

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