Lose Fat Build Muscle Fast
Lose Fat Build Muscle Fast
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 Personal Trainer - Free Fitness Tips  Article By Chris Chew,  Singapore based AMFPT  Certified Master Trainer

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Want To Build Muscles Quickly?
Keep A Workout Journal

Why keeping a journal on your workout can help you
build muscles quickly

I am sure you have seen people working out diligently a few times a week in the gym. If you have been working out for some time, you will also have noticed that most of these people have either increase the muscle mass a teeny weenie bit or looking the same a couple of months later. Why aren’t their muscles growing, you may ask.

Now, may I ask you a question in return? Are your muscles growing as fast as you wish to? If not, why? Well, there are many reasons why your muscles are not growing efficiently. However, one of the main reasons is that you are not keeping records on your workout routines.

Why is it necessary to keep workout records?

Now let’s get to the basic of muscle building. In order for your muscle to grow, you have to progressively overload it. Then means that you have to either increase the weight or the reps you are lifting progressively. That will also mean that if you are not keeping a journal of your workout routine, how would you ever know how to progressively overload your muscles. How could you remember the reps and the weight you have last lifted? How could you have a specific body building plan?

From what I have observed, most people are just doing the same thing week after week. Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Need I say more?

You see, when you lift weights to build muscle mass, you are actually damaging your muscles. If your workout iis ntensive enough, you are actually inflicting thousands of microscopic cuts on your muscle. This is one of the reasons for muscle soreness the next day commonly called delayed onset muscle soreness/syndrome (DOMS) in the body building circuit.

What happens next is that your body will start repairing itself. Your body will adapt to the stress that you put on it during your last workout and will build stronger muscle fiber so that it will be able to take the same stress that you will put on it at your next workout. Now, if you lift the same weight or reps at your next workout, your muscles will say, been there done that. This is because you have grown stronger. So there will be no further muscle growth and gain.

Therefore you if you want to build muscles efficiently and quickly, keep a gym workout journal or record the details of the exercises that you do. You can get more information on how to build muscles quickly from this guy who calls himself Musclehead at Build Muscles Fast. SFO

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