Lose Fat Build Muscle Fast
Lose Fat Build Muscle Fast
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How To Break Weight Loss Plateau

You were were obese and so you purchased my "Burn Fat Tone Muscles Fast" system so that you can lose weight fast and get a well toned muscular body. You were committed to the program in the ebooks and you consistently lose 1-2 pounds of body fat per week.

You were very pleased with your results at first until suddenly, you begin to noticed that your weight loss is getting slower and slower until it grinds to a stop. Well, this phenomenon rather common and  is called the "Weight Loss Plateau". 

Why Weight Loss Plateau

Firstly, you need to understand why you have hit the weight loss a plateau. Actually the answer is very simple. You see, and you probably know that in order to lose weight, you have to consume less calories than you burn for energy. So if you were losing weight effectively before and now your weight simply refused to go down any further, that could only mean one thing. That is you are longer on calorie deficit situation. Yes, you can say that you are still eating the same thing and amount when you begun the program and I can tell you that is exactly the problem. Here is why:-

Why do I stopped losing weight?

If your diet requires you to curb calories and since you wanted to get faster result, you cut down your calorie consumption more than what was recommended, your body adapts to this drastic caloric deficit by decreasing your metabolic rate sometimes known as "starvation mode" or "adaptive thermogenesis". 

Your body's adaptation is actually a natural survival instinct because your body instinctively reacts as though you are starving and thus is conserving your body fat to keep you alive.
Now, you may not be aware that as you were losing weight, you were getting smaller and therefore you need less calories than befor when you had a bigger frame.  This being the case, if you are eating as much as before when you were heavier, then you are now consuming more calories than you are expanding. So how can you lose weight if you are eating more calories than that which you are burning? Common sense isn't it? The trouble is that most people do not realize this implication or thought about it this way. 

Since now that you have a smaller body and is much lighter now, your body will burn less calories when you are moving about or doing your weight loss exercises.  That will mean that you have to tweak your exercises to burn more calories.

These are commonly overlooked reasons why you often hear people say that it is most difficult to lose that last ten pounds or so. It is not difficult at all, it is just that they have overlooked or totally oblivious these simple facts. So the answer as to why you have hit the weight loss plateau is that you no longer in a caloric deficit state. Simple as that.
So how do you overcome a weight loss plateau? Well, you can get started by giving your body a break. Take a week or two off your program since your body has adapted to it. This is also to give your body a physiological break from the stress of dieting and exercising. It is also time to let your body reset some of those starvation hormones and start stimulating your metabolism again. So when it is time to get back to the state of calorie deficit after your much needed break, your body will be responsive to your efforts again. 

So  when you return to your weight loss program, tweak it to reflect the current state that you are in and watch your weight start lowering again. One easy way to condition your mind to lose more weight and overcome weight loss plateau is through self hypnotism. You can read about it at "Self hypnosis to lose weight". SFO

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