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Does Mesotherapy For Weight Loss Body Contouring Work?

Undergoing a Mesotherapy treatment for weight loss or body contouring has always been a very controversial subject. This method commonly used for targeted weight loss is very popular in France, but is frowned upon by health authorities in some other countries such as Singapore. In March 2008, Singapore's Ministry of Health (MOH) warned patients and doctors against a list of unproven aesthetic treatments offered by doctors, from drug cocktails designed to dissolve fat to anti-aging hormone injections. However, there are also patients who swear that the treatment works and thus the controversy.

This article will not debate whether Mesotherapy treatment is effective and safe to reduce weight or spot reduction, but will describe what this body contouring treatment is about.

What is Mesotherapy?

The Mesotherapy technique was invented by a French doctor, Dr. Michel Pistor in 1952. It is a procedure where a cocktail of medication is injected into the mesoderm, the layer of fat and connective tissue just under the skin.

Since then, it is estimated that more than of 17,000 doctors and physicians around the world have used Mesotherapy for a variety of reasons such as overall weight loss, spot weight reduction, body contouring, cellulite reduction, wrinkle elimination etc. Sometimes, Mesotherapy is also used to correct unevenness, lumps, or divots that develop after a liposuction treatment. Liposuction is another body fat elimination technique where body fat is physically sucked out.

The French Academy of Medicine recognized Mesotherapy as an inherent part of traditional medicine since 1987 and The International Society of Mesotherapy encompasses about 15 countries from Europe to South America. However, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve the use of any mesotherapy drugs. Britain, Canada and Brazil have also banned the drugs although the procedure is hugely popular in France.

Mesotherapy treatment involves using a very tiny needle and medication is injected into the mesoderm. Sometimes the technique of "multi-pricking" is used, where a number of swift injections are concentrated in a specific area. Although "multi-pricking" can be done by hand, some treatment centers offer mechanical delivery systems that deliver the medication in a more accurate way and to reduce patient discomfort.

The medications that are used in Mesotherapy supposedly melt the fat cells under the skin and shrink the fat cells in the Scarpa's fascia layer. The fat is then said to be excreted along with the bowel without any changes in the patient's bowel movement habits.

For cellulite reduction, weight loss, spot reduction and body contouring, the medications are injected directly into the areas being treated. Treatments are usually administered on a weekly basis, and patients are said to be able to see results by the third or fourth treatment. The medication used in a Mesotherapy treatment is usually a combination of vitamins, herbal products and medication. Many factors are taken into consideration to determine which is the most effective combination.

Physicians administering the treatment will usually ask patients to follow a natural healthy diet to compliment the treatment and because toxins are also eliminated in the process, patients must drink more water than usual to flush out the toxins and dissolved fat.

Patients who are pregnant, insulin dependant diabetics, history of stroke, cancer, blood clots and heart diseases are not good candidates for the procedure.

So does Mesotherapy work or is it a safe technique for weight loss and body contouring? The verdict is still out there until more scientific rather than anecdotal evidence becomes more prevalent. -  Does Mesotherapy For Weight Loss Body Contouring Work? Article was published on 25 March 2008

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