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Lose Fat Build Muscle Fast
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How To Get A Swimmer's Body

When I am meeting potential clients to assess their goals for the first time, a very common request would be "Can you help me to get a swimmer's body?" The question seems like a no brainer, don't you think so? The most logical and simplest answer would be to swim more often, isn't it? But is it really that simple?

Firstly, we need to know what do they mean by a swimmer's body? Is it the body of your local lifeguard or of world class competitive swimmer's physiques like those of Ian Thorpe? Invariably, they will mean the latter.

Most of you would have seen Ian Thope's body in swimming competitions or commercials he is endorsing. Do you really think world class competitive swimmers get their awesome physique by merely swimming? Of course not. They incorporate weight training into their exercise program. Click here to get a swimmer's body

Yes, swimming is a fantastic exercise and will get some people into shape, but not the bodyshape of competitive swimmers. Now, unknown to most people, although swimming is a great exercise, trying to get a muscularly toned physique may get you into trouble because swimming only develop the muscles that are used to pull and not to push.

You can swim in any stroke and any style, your swimming actions are all pulling actions. This can lead to muscle imbalances. An imbalance in a muscle group will cause the opposite muscle to work too hard, causing pain, loss of strength and endurance in that muscle group.

Since the opposite muscles are not being trained, the development of the pull muscles will also hit a plateau pretty quickly since your muscles like to grow symmetrically. This will put the swimmer's improvements to a screeching halt and that is one of the reasons competitive swimmers to train with weights not only to strengthen their pull muscles but to develop the push muscles as well.

So you see, competitive swimmers get their muscularly toned physique not by swimming training but through weight training as well. You wanted to know how to get a swimmer's body with those awesome six pack abs? Then hit the weights and hop into the pool thereafter. Click here to get a swimmer's bodySFO

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