Lose Fat Build Muscle Fast
Lose Fat Build Muscle Fast
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 Personal Trainer - Free Fitness Tips  Article By Chris Chew,  Singapore based AMFPT  Certified Master Trainer

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Are you surprised if I tell you that it is easy to lose weight and losing your excess fat is simply a matter of common sense. If you consistently use up more calories than you consume, you will over a period of time lose weight naturally. Of course you know that, don’t you? Didn’t I said it was common sense? Then why are you not losing weight enough to reveal your six pack abs? It is because you are not dedicated enough to do so, simple as that.  So, from now on, make a commitment to lose weight and stick to it. Here are some ways in which you can lose weight easily and naturally.

Easy Ways To Lose Weight

  1. Instead of doing traditional long duration cardio exercises, opt to perform High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) instead for 2 to 3 times per week on alternate days to rev up your metabolic rate to burn more fat. In between days, you can carry on with your long duration cardio exercises.

  2. Read the labels of low-fat or fat-free products. This is because many of these products contain high carbohydrates. Although you may be eating low fat products, you may be eating extra calories in the form of simple carbohydrates. Better yet, eat natural food and avoid pre-packed foodstuff which are usually high in carbs, sugar and even trans fat.

  3. Increase the consumption of lean protein to increase your metabolic rate, increase anabolic hormones and prevent muscle loss. Protein also helps to keep you feeling full, so will prevent you from habitual compulsive eating.

  4. Drastically reduce your intake of saturated fat and replace them with polyunsaturated fats such as flax oil and monounsaturated fats such as olive oil and avocados. Studies have also shown that omega-3 oil from fishes like cod, flounder, haddock, monkfish, perch, red snapper, sea bass, salmon and tuna may help improve health and help you lose weight. However, eat them sparingly as they also contain fat calories.

  5. Drink plenty of plain water to keep you satiated and also to help you to liberate fat stores to be burned as energy. Water consumption is often a very much overlooked part of weight loss programs.

  6. Eat more fibrous vegetables to improve digestion and improve weight loss. Increasing fiber intake from leafy vegetables adds fiber, minerals and vitamins. Since they are low in calories, they contribute a lot to your weight loss plan and at the same time, they also add bulk to your diet and as such, will help in appetite reduction.

  7. Eat 5 to 6 small meals per day instead of the usual 3 large meals. Distributing your food throughout the day improves nutrient absorption, prevent blood sugar fluctuations and decrease fat-storing hormones and enzymes.

  8. Avoid alcohol as alcohol in itself is high in empty calories the calories are easily metabolized and stored as fat. When you drink alcohol with your meal, your body will metabolize the alcohol first. The rest of the calories from your meal and the excess alcohol calories will be stored as, what else but fat.

  9. If you simply follow the ways to lose weight outlined above consistently and reduce your calorie consumption, you will surely lose weight steadily and naturally. It is easy to lose weight isn't it? If you think the above is to much of an effort to lose weight, then you may like to try self hypnotism to help you to lose weight easily.

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