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Lose Fat Build Muscle Fast
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 Personal Trainer - Free Fitness Tips  Article By Chris Chew,  Singapore based AMFPT  Certified Master Trainer

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Calling All Personal Trainers! Wanna Make More Money??

How many personal trainers or fitness coaches do you know out there who have so-so abs muscles... errr... some what flabby butt, a little biceps and scant knowledge or skills required of a fitness professional but have a very busy fitness training business? I bet you know a few.

Now take a look at yourself. A graduate of numerous prestigious health and fitness institutes, a strapping handsome hunk with muscles on all the right places and almost a perfect body fat ratio but owning a health and fitness business that can barely keep you afloat. Why?

How come these second rated personal trainers, who know less than you, make more money than you?

Well, the answer is that they know what marketing is all about. If you have an excellent product or services but nobody knows about it or is convinced enough to buy them, then you have no business . Big businesses spend thousands and millions to in marketing of their products and services knowing it will bring in the clients and profit many more times than what they have invested. Well, you don't have to spend that kind of money in your personal trainer profession. By just having the knowledge on how to market yourself and then turn that knowledge into action will be sufficient.

You can be your own walking advertisement by having a stupendous physique that everybody aspires to own. You will need to master networking skills, getting referrals, writing articles in publications, newsletters and a host of other tools because even if you have all the knowledge in the world about your profession and nobody knows it, you will never have clients. Period.

A picture paints louder than a thousand words. Look around you. Successful businessmen employ professional s to run their businesses because they do not possess sufficient skill or knowledge to do so. That overweight personal trainer who is actually training somebody else to lose weight. Or the same personal trainer who does not even know what is the difference between fast and slow twitch muscles. Yet he makes more money than you do. Why? It is the Marketing.

Prospective clients really do not know how good you are, so how are they to know that you can really help them achieve their fitness goals? You may have great certifications like AMFPT but to the layman out there, he really does not understand the difference between one certification from another and it is all gobbledygook to them. It is at this point where your marketing claims are put to the test and your expertise now comes into play. But how are you going to get the prospective clients to conclude that you are the personal trainer that they want?

Now, on a scale of one to ten, your professional ability is a nine, and your competitor is a four, you will be more successful than him if do what he did in marketing his services. Even if your service is a four, just like his, with a better marketing plan and strategy you will eventually put him out of business if he does not have a plan to start with. See the irony? Without clients there is no money. And without money, you are out of business!

These are a few basic steps that will help you in your business.

  • You must be passionate in the business. Be proud of it. You can show this by keeping yourself in tip top shape and advertise yourself by wearing a logo of your service on your tees. Always have your business cards with your face on it ready so that people will remember you.
  • You must have the knowledge of your trade. You cannot bluff everybody all the time.
  • Actually go out and do the business. Start training people. Give piecemeal advises to your friends but not too much so as to arouse their curiosity. Words will spread.

    • Realized that the world do not come knocking at your door. Find ways to reach out prospects.

    • Read up books on sales and marketing techniques especially those written for self employed profession like real estate sales or insurance sales technique s then convert the techniques to suit your health and fitness industry. Remember, you are also self employed unless you work with a club or organization. Reading and then doing what those books taught you will get you many clients and referrals.

Improve yourself and your skills as when your clients see that you are really a professional, they will have the confidence of introducing to you more referrals. In AMFPT courses offered in this site, how to market your services is part of the course syllabus. If you want to have marketing skills that can make money and certification as a personal trainer, join AMFPT courses now! Why let the money slipped away to the other less qualified physical fitness trainer when that money could have been in your pocket? SFO

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