Lose Fat Build Muscle Fast
Lose Fat Build Muscle Fast
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Want to build Big Huge Muscles? Then you must Squat! The Squat will build big muscles on your entire body frame.

There are 3 types of people in this world.

  • First, there are those that make things happen.
    They calculated and know very sure what they want, then they take action and get it no matter what happens. They single mindedly pursue their ambition and they will ultimately succeed. In bodybuilding, they want to grow big and strong. They SQUAT and squat and squat again. Have you ever seen anyone who is big, have huge muscles and have a well proportioned body like a Greek god who do not squat?

  • Then there are those who watch things happen.
    They will savor the world around them. Then say, we will see what happens next. If it works, well we will decide if we are gonna do it.

    These are the majority of the average Joes. They want to grow big, strong and muscular and yet are reluctant to make the effort to include the squat in their workout routine. Even if they do, they will do it haphazardly and will give up before they achieve their objectives. Then the excuses will flow. "They're too hard on my knees" or "I heard they stunt your growth" or "Its bad for my back" or "I just want a toned body not a big huge body." Excuses from sour grapes. That is why average joes just remain well... average. We will debunk those excuses later in this article.

  • Finally there are those that are always saying "Omigosh! What happened?"
    Needless to say, these people are the ones oblivious to what is happening around them. They will walk leisurely on a treadmill reading a book at the same time when others are raising their heart rates to improve endurance and burn fats.

    They are the ones doing dumbbell curls after dumbbell curls when others are doing bench presses, dead lifts and squats. They are the ones who ask the champions why the champs are growing and getting fitter all the time whereas they are at the gym longer, more regular and yet not achieving any result. They will take note of the advises and the next time you see them, they are back to what they were doing. Reading that confounded book on the treadmill. Then they will say, "Ah... but you are just lucky to have good genes!" What nonsense!
lose weight fast_build muscles fast
Start/End Position
lose weight fast_build muscles fast
Bottom Position. Note that the back is Never rounded.

To build muscles fast and big, you must SQUAT! The squat is often touted as the king of exercises and is grouped together with the dead lift and bench press, collectively called the Big Three for power and muscle mass building Dead Lift To Build Incredible Back Muscles! You wanna be big and enjoy a symmetrical physique, you must squat. Period. In most gym, the squat rack is there collecting dust. Why? Because most people think that their legs will be hidden by their pants. Why bother? How dead wrong they are. Wait till you see them in their shorts or swim wear. You will see Spiderman ..er ..I mean spider legs.

Another reason why people avoid squatting exercises is because the squat work on many major muscles and is grueling work. When you perform squats correctly, you will huff and pant, wheeze, head spinning woozily, see stars, sweat profusely and your entire body will be screaming for you to stop.

Of course the exercise is brutal! You are working out about 75% of your entire muscular structure including your shoulders, traps, back, gluteus, hams, calf, abs and many other synergistic muscles in a single exercise, isn't that supposed taxed your strength, endurance and your cardio health? Isn't that the best exercise? Isn't that why the results from squats will be astounding?

As an added bonus to building big muscles , you will be burning fats like crazy since the squat, given its intensity placed on your body, your metabolism zooms straight up! If your body fat ratio is high, it will help you lose weight.

And because of the degree of difficulty, squats also force your body to release higher amounts of growth hormone , resulting in new muscle growth in all areas of your body. In addition, squats will cause a spillover effect, enabling you to gain strength in all of your other lifts. Awesome! It just befuddles me why, with all these benefits, people are avoiding squats like a bubonic plague. As for the hard gainers, squat will pack on pounds after pounds of muscle on your entire body! So hard gainers, you must squat to grow big!

If you have never squatted before, start doing so. Especially so for thin and skinny people who are called the hardgainers . With the correct form, heavy weight and sheer intensity, you will see good results in just weeks. Not just your lower body. Your entire frame will take on a different form . Guaranteed!

Before we proceed to the exercise itself, you must know that since squats are performed with heavy weight, correct form and techniques are critical and cannot be compromised. Anything less, you may sustain serious injury. However, when you adhere to the proper technique, you will be very safe and will enjoy all the benefits that come with the squat. Don't cheat yourself and substitute squats with leg presses. They are of a different class!

How To Squat

There are many squatting techniques for different purposes and development. But we will touch on the basic squat here:-

For safety reasons you should always do your squats in a power rack or cage so that you can set the height and have the safety mechanisms built in on the rack. If you squat with only the barbell, a spotter is absolutely necessary if you are performing heavy squats. But heavy squat you must for awesome muscle building and fat burning results.

At all times, pull back your head. Chest out shoulder peeled back. Look straight ahead or slightly above eye level and your back must be arched and never be rounded. Never! Also keep your torso as straight as possible and not bent forward. Never look down for you might lose your balance and topple over. It will also make you lose your form of an arched back and upright torso if you look down.

Your feet should be about shoulder width and toes pointing slightly out. The bar resting comfortably on your traps. Breathe in deeply as you descent. Do not bend forward, instead sit down on your tail bone as if sitting on a stool behind you. Watch out that your knees do not protrude over your toes as that will cause your knees to bear the brunt of the weight and thus the often touted excuses about knee injury. Your knees must at all times be in the same direction as your toes so that they do not buckle. Lower until your thighs are parallel to the floor and if your form is still good and your knees can take it, go lower.

As soon as you reached the bottom, ascent immediately but do not bounce. Never relax at the bottom position! Dig your heels into the ground to drive you up. I repeat , the weight should be on your heels and not your toes. Breathe out forcefully as you ascent. Then repeat the exercise.

How many reps? Its up to you how much you can take. Personally, I like to do 10-12 reps per set. When I feel like it, I will do breathing squats of 30 reps. But then, that is another exercise altogether.

Debunking Excuses!

It's bad for the knees
- In fact, it's on the contrary. Just like the muscle tissue in your body strengthens when exposed to stress, the tendons, ligaments and other connective tissues in your body will also thicken in response to weightlifting. That means, it actually improve knee health when you squat. It also strengthens all the muscles around your knee and thus providing your knees with support when the muscles are strong and less stress is placed on the knees on your day to day activities. I know. I used to suffer from knee pain until I started squatting and now, my knees are in perfect health that I can even play competitive soccer. Knee problems only occur when you squat improperly like resting at the bottom of the movement or letting your knee protrude over your toes.

It's bad for my back - For the same reasons about strengthening your tissues, squats also exercises your lower back. When done in correct form, it actually builds strong muscles on your lower back and not only correcting you from bad posture that results in a bad back, it may even give you a healthy strong back. Again, it will only hurt your back if done in poor form like bending forward or doing it with a rounded back instead of arching it during the movement.

It will give you high blood pressure and bad for the heart - Sure, your blood pressure will rise as your heart will beat faster from the exercise. That is only temporary and not dangerous unless you already have those problems in the first place. Other than that you are actually exercising your heart and cardio vascular system to strengthen it. How can that be dangerous? Don't most exercises elevate heart rate and increase blood flow? Then they should ban the treadmills and close all swimming pools! Do you buy that nonsense?

So, now that you know that squat is the king of bodybuilding exercises, are you the type that makes things happen or are still contend to be wondering what the heck happened? SFO

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