Lose Fat Build Muscle Fast
Lose Fat Build Muscle Fast
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 lose weight fast_build muscles fast  This article is contributed  by Jenny Craig: Weight Loss Program

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Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program

lose weight fast_build muscles fast

If you decided to take up the fight against unwanted weight, but you're fed up with starting slimming cures again and again, and you're aiming for a long-term solution, the perfect choice is to contact Jenny Craig.

It was founded in 1983 by a real person, who, just like you and many other desperate women was suffering from her own weight. She realized that if you want lasting results, you have to change your unhealthy lifestyle into a more active and conscious one. This includes healthy eating as much as physical activity. Perhaps this sounds too average for you... And you might be right.

It's so obvious and evident that if you'd like to lose weight, you have to be mindful of what you eat, count the calories daily and you have to do some exercise. It's so easy, and it really works. But the question is that if this is so, why are there so many overweight people who cannot do it although they know the information? The answer is related with motivation and support. Because the initial enthusiasm begins to fade anyway. And it fades easier when you are to change a whole lifestyle because it won't have some spectacular results overnight. And this is where Jenny Craig's weight loss program makes the difference.

Today Jenny Craig became one of the largest weight management services in the world. There are Jenny Craig Centres in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico and Guam. An average of more than 90,000 people are actively on Jenny Craig at any given point in time.

The centers and the online service provide high level of personalized care. They simply are there with you at every step. Irrespectively that you choose to have a personal counselor who you can meet personally at the nearest Jenny Craig Center or you can talk to on the phone regularly, or you use the online accessible tools and support, you'll get useful tools to track your weight loss progress, design your menu plans, and set you up for weight loss success.

If you choose to have a personal counselor at Jenny Craig, you'll have the opportunity to weekly one-on-one guidance and support sessions, you'll receive valuable materials to help you stay motivated. Working with your Jenny Craig counselor first you'll learn to recognize your emotional/physical eating cues. By writing in your journal, for example, you get used to follow up your daily food and water intake, your physical activity and stress management.

Also you can keep track of the results of your weight loss program. These can give the best motivation when you're a bit downhearted. Together you design a flexible weight loss plan, including weekly menus, tips for changing the contents of your refrigerator for a healthier living, and also you'll be encouraged to gradually add activity to your daily routine.

This is also based on your personal lifestyle. You only get some advice for how to build up a 30 minutes/day physical activity that combines natural, recreational and planned exercise. For this there also are walking audiocasettes and other tools available for you, to try a variety of safe, healthy cardiorespiratory, resistance and stretching activities. You can handle all this flexible, so that it can perfectly fit you.

Participants receive a Jenny Craig weight loss manual with tips for planning healthy meals, ways to add more activity and motivating Jenny Craig weight loss plans success stories. Jenny Craig only has trained consultants, who focus on the psychological sides of building up a healthy life style and losing weight too. In the center there is you, the person with an individuality. They help you to create a healthy relationship with food and physical activity, staying motivated and change your body image.

Consultants are available on phone too if you're living too far form a Jenny Craig Center, or you're too busy, or simply you just try to avoid the inconvenience of a personal contact. To sum up Jenny Craig is more than a simple weight loss diet.

It is a balanced approach at long-term solutions, all adopted to your individual needs. That's why it is easy to start and to get used to it. You learn to lead a more healthy life, consciously, eating healthy foods, increasing your energy level. Namely you achieve a sense of health and well-being. Working together can change not only your bodyweight and size of the clothes you wear.

You can get a brand new life in a healthy, slim and attractive body! SFO

This entry is contributed by Jenny Craig: Weight Loss Program

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