Lose Fat Build Muscle Fast
Lose Fat Build Muscle Fast
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 Personal Trainer - Free Fitness Tips  Article By Chris Chew,  Singapore based AMFPT  Certified Master Trainer

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How to Build Muscles And Lose Weight With Protein

Many people know about the importance of post workout protein supplementation but most do not know that a pre workout protein shake is just as important.

Numerous researches has shown that consuming a fast digesting protein, such as whey or soy protein before your workout gives you better muscle gain than when the workout is over.

Your muscle thrives on protein. So consume your protein about 30-60 mins before you stress your muscles in the gym along with some carbs to provide smooth protein delivery into your muscle cells. But do note that post workout protein shake is just as important.

If you do cardio exercises, protein is also an important pre-workout supplement. It not only helps to preserve your muscles during your cardio training, it will also turn your metabolism up another notch so that you will lose more weight from fats. So it is a very good compliment for your weight loss program as well as defining your muscles.

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Chris Chew
5 July 2005

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