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Lose Fat Build Muscle Fast
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Want Your Back Thick And Wide To Complement Your Powerful Chest Muscles?


It is time for your free fitness tips newsletter again. I would also like to inform everyone that our fitness tips opt-in mailing list is growing powerfully everyday. Thanks to your support so that this is possible.

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I believe that most of you who subscribe to my newsletters are already working out in gyms and have already build awesome muscles especially on your chest and arms. However, I do note one discrepancy that is that whenever I visit the gyms, for some reasons or another, people seem concentrate on building massive chest muscles but neglect their back muscles .

This neglect is dangerous because your upper body muscle development is imbalanced and it may lead to injuries and muscle tear not to talk about hitting a bodybuilder plateau. You will also look awkward because your body will not be symmetrical. Meaning, out of shape. I am sure you have seen these people and may have commented why they looked so odd.

So then, how to develop a great back which will also accentuate your V shape body to compliment your powerful chest?

Just include these 3 exercises into your back workout routine.

  1. The dead lift - This move develop your lower body and also almost your entire back. It guarantees you fast overall muscle mass gain. Don't know how to do a dead lift? See article number 7 here :- Deadlift, Fantastic Full Body Mass Development

  2. Bent Over Barbell row - This exercise is best for thickening the upper and middle back area. It also adds density to your lower back muscles.

  3. Chin Up - Do both versions. Palms facing you and palms facing out. This is best for developing your V shape upper body and an excellent bicep and tricep shaper too. Do the exercises slow and deliberate without swinging or using momentum to power your chin up. Pause for 2 seconds at the top and lower slowly. Real slooooooooow...... so that you are fighting gravity instead of letting gravity pull you down.

By incorporating these 3 excellent exercises into your back routine, you will see your upper body taking another different form in just weeks if you perform the exercises correctly.

Cheers! Till next issue.

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Best Wishes
Chris Chew

05 September 2005

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