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Lose Fat Build Muscle Fast
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Learn how Olympic swimmers get their bodyshape by sports scientists

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Get A Swimmer’s Body By Swimming?

Most men would admire a competitive swimmer’s well proportioned physique and would have reasonably thought that swimmer’s get their awesome body shape from constantly swimming and training in the swimming pool.

What if I were to tell you that you need not step into the swimming pool to get the swimmer’s body or that swimmers get their sexily muscular body NOT by swimming frequently? Can you believe that?

Well, before you throw me to the wolves, let me explain how male competitive swimmers get their fabulous body shape and what you can do to get the same.

Swimming to lose weight for a great body

Swimming is a fantastic exercise that workout most of your muscles and gives your cardiovascular system a big bang. When you are swimming, you are also burning loads of calories and some people actually take up swimming to lose weight.

Swimming is a low impact exercise and does not put stress on your joints unlike running and jogging. It is precisely for this reason, swimming can be enjoyed by people of any age and those with joint problems which cannot do any other forms of strenuous exercise.

However, there is one major setback. You see, swimmers use their pull muscles most of the time to pull themselves forward in the pool. For competitive swimmers, using the pull muscles all the time will lead to muscle imbalances which could lead to serious injuries and thus they have to do weights training in the gym to build up their push muscles.

Furthermore, they have to strengthen their lower body muscles such as their leg muscles for more powerful swimming kicks and also to balance their upper body muscles and lower body muscles. They also have to do plenty of stretching exercises to stay flexible and supple.

Although swimming is a good exercise, swimmers also perform other cardio exercises to strengthen their heart and lungs for stamina, endurance and to keep their body fat down. This is why they have such lean and muscular body because with low body fat, their muscle definition is seen more much more clearly.

Therefore professional swimmers get their body shape in the gym and not in the pool although swimming regularly is a contributing factor to get a swimmer’s body. So to get the perfect swimmer’s physique, you don’t even have to hit the swimming pool regularly.

If you are really determined to get the broad shoulder, chest and back, flat belly with abs muscle showing, strong arms and legs, then let Keith Tucker and his team of sports scientists show you How To Get A Perfect Male Body Now!

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Chris Chew

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